t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 brings us a sense of expanding space, infinite, languid, which marks vaporwave at its finest. By far the best way to enjoy Telepath is as ambient music, while cooking or reading a book. His music does not intrude on the attention, but irrigates it with a cool balm of noise, a refreshing, rich fullness which one can dip into at their discretion. From me, Spigot, enjoy this selection of my favourite music by Telepath, and enjoy your weekend:

強迫観念 (Obsession) Shimmering waves, laminations, smooth soul in the memory of a night. 90s radio signals beamed back from the Pleiades 888 years hence.

選ばれし者 (Chosen One) Item shop reveries; firefly lanterns and swirling mist lit from within.


AS テレヴァペ (Televape) (In collaboration with Vaperror):

接合 (Joining) 0. Mothership Landing / 1. Cruising the Nightstrip / 2. Foreign Market Impressions / 3. Perpetual Shining Dawn / 4. Desert Sky Interlude / 2 / 3 / 5. Evening Star Family / 1. Fadeout on Empty Street