Folks the Spigot Friday Mixtape is BACK bigger and better than ever for the third time running and this week we’re presenting the first in a series on “lo-fi rock” soon to be followed up next with another stay tuned.


DEVO: Yes folks they’re responsible for more than “Whip It” — far more! Indisputably one of the greatest bands of the era. May return to them in a later mixtape.

  1. Midget: Sludge-funk porno.
  2. Be Stiff: Raucous horn heavy guitar like bell bottoms & wet meat synthesizers.
  3. A Plan For U: Freewheeling metronome rock veering left to right, bouncing around on the open road.
  4. Fraulein: “Well my fräulein done told me/ When I was in goose-steps/ She said I would gas them/ And now I’m a big man”
  5. Working in a Coal Mine: Autistic punchclock blues.
  6. Bottled Up: White reggae ad jingle sung doubletime through a walkie talkie.

Ariel Pink: Folks he may be popular with boring middle-class trendoids but there’s a genuine talent here which truly embraces the possibilities of “low-fidelity rock”.

  1. Artifact: Melted sunshine bubble pop.
  2. Jonathan’s Halo: Alleycat caterwaul chorus latenight, drumming bottles lined up on an old fence.
  3. Hardcore Pops are Fun: Bubblegum dream jangle toy pop of teen-idol wraiths visiting from another dimension.
  4. Oblivious Peninsula: Taking amphetamines in an abandoned seaside resort. Song manages to sound like it’s starting continually — always ahead of the beat. Makes me wish I knew more about time signatures.
  5. Beefbud: Folksy guitar circle lullaby under a tree taking tranquillisers.
  6. Suicide Notice: Dies clutching pop song love letter-cum-suicide notice drug overdose braindeath dream love unrequited with radio on.