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No. 7: Simple Definition of Neoreaction

  • Kantbot

  • June 19, 2014

Neoreaction is a Post-Modern project united by a broad skepticism or rejection of dominant Progressive narratives about history and politics, which is why continental philosophy has bled into Neoreaction a bit, because Post-Modernism is the skepticism and/or rejection of the ultimate truth-validity of meta-narratives.

What unites Neoreaction, or the hard core conspiracy theorist and the more sophisticated post-libertarian Menciian critic of whig history is that both are engaged in a process of challenging the objective supremacy of ossified Progressive narratives.

Neoreaction does not, I believe, necessitate the immediate and unthinking adoption of some set of “Socially Conservative” counter-narratives. Once you accept those in fact I would say you cease to be a Neoreactionary, Neoreaction is the act of critique of the power of narrative to constitute truth itself.

Narrative theory, for this reason, can and should be central to Neoreaction.

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God Created Twitter to Train the Faithful.