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No. 10: Comment About Gun ‘Tragedies’

  • Kantbot

  • June 21, 2014

We hear so much talk these days from the cathedral trying to conjure up guns as the ’cause’ of the growing trend of youth spree killings. The accelarating nature of this problem though is better explained by the ongoing failure and collapse of the Progressive worldview. These young spree shooters are not coming from the political right, but the left, they’re young men whose progressive worldviews failed them in some fundamental way. Adam Lanza for example made fun of conservative positions on gun control online for example. Eliot Rodgers too was let down by egalitarian gender ideology.

Part of the problem first of all is in the push towards histrionic empathy displays by a ‘grieving nation’. It always reminds me of the upholsterer addicted to news in Addison and Steele’s Spectator, I think we’re a nation addicted to news, and we like to show outrage/grief primarily to signal to our peers that we’re ‘good people’. I think it’s much healthier to let families and communities mourn in private rather than doing all this histrionic stuff where we hold televised vigils and cry for the news cameras. Enough. Progressive culture is deeply and excessively sentimental and status within it comes from showing others how much you care about each little ‘tragedy,’ about gay marriage, about Donald Sterling, everyone is competing with everyone else to be more outraged and heartbroken and on the right side of history and blah blah blah.

Progressives love cultural critique except they’re too afraid to look in the mirror generally.

Another part of the problem is the evolution of public schooling. Public schools and prisons in the post-Columbine era are converging in an increasingly disturbing way. Consider the case of Justin Carter, a Texas youth who was reported by a Canadian woman busybody over comments he made while playing an online game. Carter was deemed a threat, thrown in jail, denied trial, raped, and then to ‘protect’ him from more rape, cruelly interred in solitary confinement.

The monolithic aspirations of Public Schooling have failed and led to an deeply repressive atmosphere. Today we prioritize ‘socialization’ as the purpose of public schooling over learning, and I think attempts by progressives to transform the public schooling system into an engine of political and social indoctrination have blinded them to the fact that our schools are slowly twisting into these nightmarish places that breed nothing but school shootings and things like the Slender Man stabbings, of course though, because that incident was perpetrated by two girls with a knife, progressive media outlets like Al Jazeera naturally exclude it from the totalizing narrative of ‘gun violence’ they’re transparently struggling to construct.

Letting the public schooling system breath a little, so to speak, by introducing a greater diversity of choice and flexibility in the educational options available to students and parents would go a long way to easing the tension underlying the current failed system but this remains out of the question for many progressives who adamantly oppose home and private schooling as a haven from their conservative political enemies.

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  • God Created Twitter to Train the Faithful.