The Sorrows of Young Telemachus

The Sorrow of Telemachus, Painting by Angelica Kauffmann, 1783 “‘Not at all,’ replied Mentor; ‘for by the pains you take to search for able and virtuous men, in order to prefer them, you stimulate and animate all who have spirit and talents, so that they exert themselves to the utmost. How many languish in indolence […]

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Kantbot’s Critical Forests

I very often get people in my messages asking me to recommend them books, or suggest reading lists, but I like to think that I’m a thoughtful person, and it can be difficult when you put such constraints on yourself to give everything you try to do the attention it deserves. Reading is personal, and […]

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All the Techcomm Blogger’s Men

“Where the influence of civil laws ends that of the stage begins. Where venality and corruption blind and bias justice and judgment, and intimidation perverts its ends, the stage seizes the sword and scales and pronounces a terrible verdict on vice. The fields of fancy and of history are open to the stage; great criminals […]

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Children of the Grave

“In reality, what more agreeable entertainment to the mind, than to be transported into the remotest ages of the world, and to observe human society, in its infancy, making the first faint essays towards the arts and sciences: To see the policy of government, and the civility of conversation refining by degrees, and every thing […]

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Skeptics for Trump

In the immediate days following the inauguration, while widespread protests have broken out over most of the country, the thing the media appears most intent to focus on, is the question of whether or not the crowds who attended Trump’s ceremony were smaller than those that turned out for Obama. This was the primary topic […]

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In the course of endless discussions across the Twitter-verse we very often hear about something called ‘Modernity,’ and what this is I’m not exactly sure I know, but I have looked into the matter a bit, and will here report some of my results. More often than not, what I observe is people deploying the […]

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