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The Yang Gang Diaries

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  • March 10, 2019

The author is a 28 year old manufacturing worker and painter by trade in Austin.

Politics. This is a topic that typically sends shivers down the spine of most Americans regardless of their particular affiliation; especially after the tumultuous chaos of the 2016 Election Cycle. However, every one of us is privy to the topic and we each hold our own convictions and beliefs, try as some might to opt out in order to avoid the stress and cheeky shenanigans that tag along with it. This article serves as an outlet to air my opinion concerning the recent “Yang Gang” phenomenon, sans inflammatory or derogatory quips.

2019 started the same way every other year does, with many well to do people from all walks of life drafting internal plans for improving their current well being and economic status. With high hopes and a little determination, positive change springs forth from their changes and impacts their surroundings for the better. I am one of those people, as I’m sure many of you readers are.

One of my personal convictions has been to reevaluate my own beliefs, particularly when it comes to how I view the opposite side of the political spectrum, which in my case was both the left and the right. To be frank, I devoted myself to research over the past several years. Everything from top stories to back catalogs, taboo and forbidden, and everything else in between that caught my attention. With all of the knowledge I had taken in and all of the outrage that swelled with it, I had begun gradually descending into a perpetual state of indignation; and it was not always of the “righteous” variety. Bitterness breeds destruction, and I can say with clarity that I had become a shameful testament to that. The relentless pursuit of knowledge and greater understanding is a double edged sword, often leaving a mangled carrion of your humanity and compassion in its wake.  Woe unto those who tread heavily into the knowledge bog; it is easy to find yourself stuck.

With my broken sense of ideological identity, gratefully I pulled myself from the negative squander and reignited my basic instincts and desire to help my fellow man, rather than waste valuable time beating my opinions into them to no avail. I was bright eyed and bold again, anxious to see what helpful things I could do with the diverse assortment of knowledge I had acquired.

This is when I discovered an intriguing entrepreneur and 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate named Andrew Yang.  

I do not feel it is necessary to introduce him in this article, but I will give an explanation as to how this former Trump voting, and MSM labeled “alt-Right” individual joined the fray, hand in hand with what we like to call “The Yang Gang”.

The American political climate has devolved into a toxic maelstrom of ad hominem attacks, petty scrutiny of anyone and everyone, coupled with a plague of an insurmountable deluge of cognitive dissonance and paranoia on both the left and the right sides of the aisle. If it is not foreign collusion and accusations from adult entertainers, it is safe spaces and snowflakes, or it is bot allegations and hate crime fantasies, or it is free speech bike lock attacks and internet-tough guy Conservative/ANTIFA rhetoric.

People are growing tired of what has become the status quo of political discussion. Although there are many loud and vocal lunatics, the majority of Americans are weary of this plight and are seeking out mutually beneficial solutions that include everyone. Enter the Yang Gang:

A unique and genuinely diverse political diaspora of moderates, centrists, leftists, right wingers and libertarians have unified under a newfangled banner; laden with neon gradients, dragon emojis and “anime waifus”.

This motley crew of former adversaries have formed an alliance subconsciously, with two common underlying factors; one being weariness of the ridiculous squabbles of the clown world we are entrenched in, and the other an insatiable appetite for meme magic and lulz. We have come to the conclusion that none of our absolute goals for an individually biased future are going to be realized. This has lead to the understanding that the only feasible approach is sacrifice and compromise on all sides, the swallowing of pride, and the lending of a hands to the rising tide of friendly revolution.

This rise of a new sub-culture has gone from being ignored outright, to embarrassing attempts from every side to discourage or derail our momentum. The typical suspects abound, from “bot” accusations and gas-lighting from popular news outlets and the dreaded “Boomers”, to an Alt-Right MAGA-lead theory of javascript support fraud. It is clear that on the outside of this movement, not much has changed in regard to tactics, surprising absolutely no one.

We seek to bring an end to the typical “talking head” media dynamic, and usher in a new era of discourse that is free from discrimination or censorship. A true to form “free speech” machine; unburdened by the left/right paradigm, that seeks to gather the lost and detached souls of the forgotten and downtrodden political spectrum, as well as the winning over of people on both the left and the right through the power of internet friendship.

My intent is not to sway your opinions in favor of Andrew Yang, as I believe that everyone should formulate their own opinions on their own time. But I am intent on breaking the shackles of adversarial thinking, opening the floodgates to new levels of understanding, healing, cooperation, and progress. To bridge the divide between Americans

So come all you rebels, delinquents and undesirables. Come you tired, weary and morose members of working class society. We offer you the opportunity for a new and refreshing change, and we want everyone to have fun while working towards it. Who said politics had to be so volatile and polarizing?

If anything you retain from this article it should be this:

We are all in this together, whether you like it or not.

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