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The Chad and The Autist – An Unlikely Comradery

  • Anonymous

  • April 22, 2019

The Chad and the Autist are a trope that goes back to some of our oldest cartoons or stories. The jock who befriends the nerd so that he can ace his math test and not get kicked off varsity. Or, perhaps he has a kind Likewise, the autist befriends the chad to heighten insecurities of his social status, or for protection from the school bully. Sometimes, indirectly even, the autist is drawn towards the chad not for physical, but mental security.

Sometimes, the two archetypes overlap onto one character, creating the Chad Autist, though most “Chad Autist” types are simply autists who fraudulently steal Chad valor for having hung out with Chad’s friends.

jesus christ imagine drawing this anime shit

The autist usually has an ire towards the chad. This may stem from jealousy revolving around insecurities of their virginity or something else all together. Despite this ire, the chad and autist comradery will usually ensue in a weird & twisted form of Stockholm Syndrome.

I’ve usually been the autist. You’re aware you are on the Autistic Mercury, dear reader, don’t you?

This has come with many perks, please, do not pity me. I’ll skip my list of Aspie-superpowers, but you should trust that there are some pretty cool ones, considering the cases of autistic savants like the man adapted into the film Rain Man. Not to imply that I am near the level of any kind of savant.

However, it is exactly these perks which draw the Chad from his Stacey to Anon’s basement War-room so they can work on his math homework. You know, for varsity.

Chad is aware that autist Anon is a little bit..off. Chads themselves however, are not self-aware. They are usually what we can call an NPC, or, non-playable character. This is a reference to video games in which you are tasked with quests from different characters who can only repeat the same programmed 5 phrases they know to you.

Despite Chads knowing their pet autist is a little strange, they deal with it, and generally truly enjoy the company and humor of the autist and the random sayings blurts out then fixates on and repeats till it drives the chad to a state of infuriation.

But the chad puts up with the autists outbursts of racism and poorly socially cued comments just as the autist puts up with the chads outbursts of narcissistic normie-tier brainlet horsecrap. Yet, this comradery defies borders. It breaks down walls. It truly is, a beautiful thing.

This my dear reader, is where I must end, because my computer is about to die, and I don’t want to pick this article up later, as it started out as this thread on twitter as somewhat of a joke.

Until I saw that the joke

Was on me.

Oh no…

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    Fantastic work

  • You’re a good writer, but I sure hope you don’t just stick to blogging. Narrowing the beam of autistic energy into one project comes with great joy and payoff, I would know.

  • God Created Twitter to Train the Faithful.