A Former NRx Member’s Message: Get Out While You Still Can

I grew up in Provo, Utah. A very innocent, mostly Mormon, mountain town. In the fall of 2016, I was radicalized by the NRx-right. Get out while you can. That is my warning to you. I started off as an Obama voting democrat in ‘08. I was young, innocent, and excited for change. When change didn’t come, I went to Ron Paul in 2012. Realizing this wasn’t practical in 2016, I was turned to Donald Trump, whom many may consider an alt-right decision, or bigoted, and to that I say- you’re an idiot. I mean, that’s what I would say, but now I’m warning you that I was wrong and bigoted.

This wasn’t an alt-right decision, or a bigoted perspective, something rooted in evil, no. Look at the pattern, this was a reaction. I was a reactionary, and by god if it weren’t for Kantbot I’d never be a neo-reactionary. The Christopher Nolan music in that German Idealism video is just too catchy not to get swindled away.

Years have gone by and I’ve read all of Mencius Moldbug’s Unqualified Reservations. I even tried understanding Nick Land. And now, my brain is corrupted, as some would say. Democracy isn’t the most efficient, you say? Then we shall burn you at the stake. Return the House of Stuarts? Dear Trismegistus, remove this radical now! How can you return to the system of God’s mandate when Nietzsche declared already: GOD IS DEAD. Or more importantly, I once heard Neil Degrasse Nye the Science Tyson say that if you think God is real, you’re just plain retarded. So please, mister NRx radical, how do you suppose we bring back the Divine Right of Kings?

Have ideas like that and watch your TSA pre-check go bye-bye. Worse perhaps, imagine you try going to the airport for vacation and you get a cavity search so they can see if you’re hiding any more bad ideas up your ass.

I used to flirt with these ideas, things some would refer to under the Dark Enlightenment umbrella. But my story on why I left is fascinating: I want a massive Buzzfeed campaign highlighting my story, with a professional photoshoot of me doing a thousand-yard stare.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. I’m not much of an intellectual or idealogue, I just realized that you could pretend to be radicalized by an internet community and then cash it in for your 15 seconds of fame. Check please.

This article is obviously entirely a satire and a critique of Katie McHugh’s BuzzFeed profile.