The Official TekWar Podcast

Dear Reader,

On Saturday we launched a new project, the TekWar Podcast. This post is a quick rundown.

What happened?

The podcast was initially hosted on a Gumroad page at – HOWEVER, this has changed. We uploaded the first two episodes, and people purchased the podcast for access. Everything worked fine. Slowly, as I saw the sales come in, I realized that these were not subscriptions, and that the podcast was added as a product not on a membership basis.

This is not how we ever intended to model the podcast. So, I changed it. No one got ripped off, no one has lost anything, but there is some confusion created out of this series of events, which I wanted to clear up in this post. To access the official TekWar Podcast, you will need to go to this new link:

How does it work?

TekWar Podcast is a podcast by The Autistic Mercury with hosts Kantbot and Warren Nokoshima. There are to be three podcasts published per week. Most episodes will include a special guest. So far we’ve had Matt Forney, Delicious Tacos, and Logo Daedalus in episodes 1-3. These can be found on the new Gumroad. Alternatively, if you’re too cheap to support, you can find the episodes on Shoutengine a week after they’re recorded. For early access and bonus episodes, subscribe to the Gumroad.

Thank you,

Warren Nokoshima

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