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Why Do You Write For AM?

  • Gio Pennacchietti

  • June 22, 2019

A friend of mine asked me the other week “Gio, why do you write for a place called the autistic mercury, you afraid your primo content will be shrugged off or labelled offensive by the name”? So I’ll answer him in this thread on why @autisticmercury is of a prescient importance..

There is a long history of using “autistic” as an insult on the internet, basically boiling down to obsessive behavior, interest, focus on odd things, devoting one’s self to things NEETs find interesting, cels, etc. 
But this changed over the years, especially in chan culture…

Over time, “autistic” became a label of endearment, a self-description, whether or not one has been actually clinically diagnosed as being on the spectrum, a way of identifying with one’s eccentricities and haecceities, to take back the term and wear it as a badge,

To represent a pride in one’s ability to become used to, and bare interests that can only be cultivated in an environment of hyper-connectivity that the internet provides. in essence, the label “autistic” is what Foucault called a “reverse-discourse”, a pejorative re-appropriated

That is a term of identity and uniqueness. what is the motto of the aut-mercury? “BY THE AUTIST, FOR THE AUTIST”, what is the mission? GOOD CONTENT, content can only be birthed from trial/suffering/temptation to low-effort post, etc. it must be a badge of pain like a scar-tattoo.

To create good content, one must never be too too attacked to the surrounding zeitgeist, or of the circles and dark corners one dwells in, lest cringe be never too far away, and to use my favorite wrestling term, to one become a “mark for yourself”. the aut-merc is for these few,

Those non-grifters, cult of personality rejects, misfits that do what they do out of intense focus and interest, not to scam other shut-ins of their NEET-bux, but even this admission of good faith verges dangerous close to being a disingenuous brand-ploy.

This is how I explain the title of the site to normies, autistic is not an insult persay, its a recognition of one’s own unique abilities and limitations. to be obsessed with happenings of the net, an E-dweller practically from an early age, is to be at least a bit autistic.

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