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The Trinity as Exit From Dialectical Stagnation

  • The Surfing Violinist

  • November 19, 2019

“But the struggle against Plato, or—to speak plainer, and for the “people”—the struggle against the ecclesiastical oppression of millenniums of Christianity (FOR CHRISTIANITY IS PLATONISM FOR THE “PEOPLE”), produced in Europe a magnificent tension of soul, such as had not existed anywhere previously; with such a tensely strained bow one can now aim at the furthest goals. As a matter of fact, the European feels this tension as a state of distress, and twice attempts have been made in grand style to unbend the bow: once by means of Jesuitism, and the second time by means of democratic enlightenment—which, with the aid of liberty of the press and newspaper-reading, might, in fact, bring it about that the spirit would not so easily find itself in “distress”! (The Germans invented gunpowder—all credit to them! but they again made things square—they invented printing.) But we, who are neither Jesuits, nor democrats, nor even sufficiently Germans, we GOOD EUROPEANS, and free, VERY free spirits—we have it still, all the distress of spirit and all the tension of its bow! And perhaps also the arrow, the duty, and, who knows? THE GOAL TO AIM AT….”

 – Nietzsche

We have been locked in a fake battle. There is no such thing as dualism. There never has been. The fact that Dualism still defines all of our debates is testament to how lazy human beings are.

Not evil. Not sinful. Not dumb. Not Nazi. Not Communist. Not black. Not white. Not Red. Not Blue.


Aristotle started taking us away from Socrates’ dumbass dialectic, and Jesus transcended to another plane, but lazy people don’t want to think about any of that. We take Socrates and dress him up as Jesus. Then we take Jesus and dress him up as The Pope, Gandhi, MLK, or whatever basic bitch preacher, priest or politician we’re dumb enough to form a cult of personality around. 

You’re not following Jesus or Krishna or the Buddha or Obama or Clinton or Bush. You are worshiping Socrates.

You believe that all of human experience can be reduced to a pitched battle between the light side and the dark side, White and Black, Black and White, Red and Blue, Blue and Red, Christians and Sinners, Muslims and Infidels, Heaven and Hell, Devas and Asuras, Civilization and Savages, good and evil, The Undying Lands and Mordor, Stunning and Brave Women and Thanos, Red pill and blue pill, Based and Cringe. 

You’re lazy. You’re 2500 years behind the times. We don’t live in a dialectical world. We live in a multi-layered world of multi-base information structures with algorithms consisting of decision trees that are not only True or False. Our DNA has four bases, not two.

Categorically at a macro level things get even more complex. Organic life has over 7 overarching categories to determine what mode of survival we all have. Biological diversity is not a myth. 

Look at the periodic table of the elements: 118. “But,” you may protest, “those elements are composed of protons neutrons – only two things.”

Even at that level there is a third part – the electron, you know that thing that makes any of this debate possible in 2019? Electricity, ever heard of it, you solipsistic nematode?

The Ancient Greeks were wrong – they thought they could atomize existence – find a fundamental particle called the ATOM (which was supposed to be the ultimate materialist teleology), but what did we find? Nope even the atom is not ONE THING, or even TWO THINGS.

The atom is a trinity. And, yes, I am fully aware that there is a quantum realm, but the conjectures beyond that are beyond my dilettante brain to understand or even characterize. I am too lazy in this area, and will work on understanding the quantum realm better in the future, but for now the heuristic of the atom as more than one or two base parts is important for humans to understand. 

And that third part – the energy? Impossible for us to package and patent and control. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle does not just make for a cool character backstory for our favorite meth-maker, it is a philosophical and theological and materialistic fact.

God cannot be boxed. Life finds a way. The Spirit moves where He or She pleases. The fundamental base is a trinity: three distinct self-existing entities that are not pitched in a dialectical battle.

The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirt.

The Proton, The Neutron and The Electron.

Not Matter and Antimatter. That’s not what makes up our universe. We do not live in a Manichean Zoroastrian existence.

We live in a world constructed by an artfully spontaneous and scientifically irrefutable Hypostatic Union.

I tried to define my life for a decade as dynamic dialectic – a coexisting bounce between proton and neutron – surfing and violin. But I was missing something. I needed a third entity. I had two avocations that brightened my life, but my life was miserable because my energy was untethered. 

I needed a calling. I needed an activity to make myself a useful base, not just an ion adrift in the void. 

The one thing I do? All the time – often to the chagrin of friends and family?


So here is the double-entendre to define my life at this stage: The Surfing Violinist Films. That third part is a verb, not a noun. Just as an atom needs the energy of an electron, I need the energy and focus, a third part to complete my own human action atom.

So I’m making videos, commercials, films again. It’s not enough to be a dialectic of criss-cross-pollinating nouns – we need to be human actors, and films have been the warp and woof of my extra-curricular life even more so than surfing or violin for the last 16 years. 

A dialectic will not get us out. We need a trinity, with an active dance partner as the third person in the trinity: an electron, a wind. “The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going; so is everyone who is born of the Spirit.”

Every self-help routine invented by the mind of man – especially in this past century – is like a sailor who takes a jar and grabs some of the wind propelling his sail after a bout of the worst doldrums and then sells that jar as if it contains the propulsion necessary to get someone else out of their doldrums.

Now we have discovered how to harness the energy of the atom by using the third part of the atom to power and transmit all of the information here – this is where the metaphor fails. Because humans are not fungible and neither are the base traits we choose to invest with our full energy.

The neutron/proton/electron relationship in your life is unique to your nature/nurture and must be meticulously uncovered, developed, mined and refined. In some cases all three will be choices of your own free will. In other cases, some of these decisions are going to be made for you – but the protons, neutrons and electrons – the three base triumvirate powering human freedom and authenticity IS NOT FUNGIBLE – JUST LIKE YOU.

It’s going to require a ton of Art of Maneuver, Navigation, and Negotiation with your soul, heart of darkness, reckless id and highest superego ideal. But it cannot be handed to you on a silver platter like John The Baptist’s head, in the form of a 12 step program or rulebook, and cannot be consumed in the form of a pill.

It is a bespoke dance routine riddled with cadenzas of improvisatory necessity. 

We’re all in the life-throes of a marathon dance with death, but we get the chance to dance with the vicissitudes of life, not as passive rapees dreading the inevitable power encounter, but as active lovers in a ballroom dance battle against Manichean Mechanization. 

So today I’m asking you to start thinking about 3 bases as the building blocks of an informational structure to power your escape from The Matrix – all 3 of which are integral to this process and custom algorithm. 

What are your two base-pairs and what is your ACTIVE endeavor to give focus and channel energy to revolt against the modern world in a constructive and creative way instead of a destructive and solipsistic scream into the void?

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God Created Twitter to Train the Faithful.