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Socialization Eugenics

  • The Black Rue

  • February 7, 2020

Socialization Eugenics and the LGBT Ghetto

I don’t indulge in moral vernacular often. Indeed the good/bad binary itself is exceedingly detrimental with regards to making empirical evaluations. That said, there are hyper-specific examples of depravity which I think can be accurately described as “evil”, and they typically follow the trend of acute, agenda-driven dishonesty. My contention is that modernity’s most pernicious affectation is the alienation shell game that it uses to sell identity to its denizens. This racket begins in grade school and continues through every level of education the individual is willing to subject  himself to until he has either been subsumed by debt and rendered inert via this same process, or can become a consumer, whereby the alienation continues to expectedly forgone conclusions. It’s a no-risk gamble for the system itself. The subject is declawed at worse, no more a threat to the system than anything else, and at best generally finds some success as a thoughtless agent for its reinforcement, continually shoveling coal into its choked furnace. This all works very well, and for a number of reasons. 

Human to Human Contact

The first of which is that all human behavior is contagious. Some of us are more or less prone to infection that others, but on a long enough timeline, most of us incur the wrath of an unanticipated vector which roots itself into our brain, not unlike a parasite, and makes us feel (for better or worse) what everyone else is feeling. These feelings and thoughts transmit like a virus, and increase exponentially in their infection rates as the number of afflicted increases. An example that should be invoked here is the contagious yawn. We do not know why we feel compelled to reciprocate yawns when we observe others doing them around us, and we almost never think about it until after we have already mirrored the behavior or at the very least feel compelled to do so. The same is true of tapping your feet when you see someone in your peripherals doing the same. We feel compelled to continue applause once someone begins it. So, if you were to think of identity the way that I understand it, that is to say a very thin tissue of disparate values and experiences and memories which culminate in a certain pattern of long-term behavior, then you can see why this system works so well without any further explanation. Assuming this technique is effective, then whatever the system prescribes you to feel, memorize, value, and finally DO — you do.

Non Tabula rasa

Secondly, human beings are not blank slates. If this is news to you, it is because your conditioning was so effective that you have forgotten that you inherited hundreds of millions of years worth of evolutionary behavior from people who were able to overcome whatever reproductive obstacles might have put them on the wrong side of what is now essentially subliminal eugenics (we’ll get to this later). In truth, we are as complete as we need to be at birth, and the years do less to create us than they do to shape us within a certain variance ordained by our genetic inheritance. With that said, understand that a condition of your existence as a human is a compulsion to find meaning. This is not to say that you must make a concession of objectivity with respect to your existence (God wills it), so much as it means you must at least find genuine moments of self-qualifying importance in certain activities, relationships and so on. The culmination of these things, as you might have already guessed, leads to some greater sense of self that we already touched upon called identity. If the question now is, “okay, yeah – what’s the point”, mind that the mere existence of such a compulsion to mean ANYTHING to yourself is precisely what makes you vulnerable to this evil, which is exactly why it IS evil. It preys upon a natural essence of your humanity to prove yourself to yourself and to feel what others feel, but instead turns you into whatever it wants via a lifelong trick at your expense. 

The Ghetto

This third and final point is immediately downstream from the second, and requires a repeated acknowledgement of the notion that we are not blank slates. For the system to have survived as well as it has, it must be good at what it does. What it does, as simply as possible, is remove who you are from yourself before you are ever given the opportunity to learn on your own by subjecting you to its machinations very early. It then replaces this essence with its own values and tailors your most cherished memories and experiences within a certain variance (public school, wage labor, etc.), and finally preys upon the natural longing you have within yourself to find something meaningful to live for while it points deviously to all the things it has already substituted in your natural self’s stead. The only real and innate impulse your education, your work or your spending habits reinforce, is the idea that you are meaningful, because it is precisely this trait which modernity endeavors to exploit for its own ends. Identity is packaged and sold like any other commodity. The results of this are staggeringly clear, but no more so than the LGBT ghetto. 

To start, I call it a “ghetto” as opposed to a “community” because a community has gates. A community is specifically and spatially located, and tends not to sprawl. The term “gatekeeper” exists plainly because communities are invaded, not the invaders. As such, they must be guarded. A ghetto is not necessarily the opposite, but obviously works very differently. A ghetto is an intentionally-derived space for undesirables, and as that list grows longer as a society’s purity increases, so too does the space. It exists to keep people in. A ghetto absorbs communities and forces them to assimilate, and if it burns itself out, it just makes the life of the ruling race easier. It co-opts other rejects, originally outside the prosecution of the initial pogroms. In our world, the LGBT ghetto excels at this. A disproportionately small section of the overall population wields inordinate leverage over greater civilization by grafting itself onto every scrap of marketable identity it possibly can. Be it film, literature or even food, it is not by mistake that LGBT politics has invaded every shore of this waking nightmare and morphed it into its own image, just as those who comprise it themselves have been mutated.  

When I used the word “purity” earlier, I did so with prejudice. There is no better word to use, and I do so with the goal of invoking the Cathedral. What it has done so well, and what makes it so apt to refer to it by such a name, is turn weakness into a bargaining chip for seeming reward and catharsis. Of course, this is a sham. Progressive politics never actually diverged from eugenics, at least not covertly. Whatever you choose to call the status quo, be it “modernity” or “liberalism”, “democracy” or “capitalism” — it all functions as a form of socialized eugenics, and the scope of the acceptable human is narrowing. The goal is no different than the goal for eugenics has ever been: to breed a better human race. Progressives in the early 1900s looked at this with genuinely more conspiracy than exists now. Birth control was pushed as a means of keeping the poor from reproducing. Today it works differently and with less intentionality, so it seems no more a conspiracy than the idea that a relatively select few of bankers, media moguls and intelligence agencies openly flaunt control over all things business and state. The Illuminati exists, it just does so publicly and with a nice face. 

Of course, it is this same group putting the most alienated amongst the world in the proverbial ghettos, the LGBT crowd serving the prime example. It is not a coincidence that this identity is being taught in schools, sold by brands, and exported by GloboHomo in all forms to all countries, nor is it a coincidence when any such identity gets the same treatment. The only thing the system need do is continue divesting essential identity from its subjects, replace it with whatever preferred image in its stead, and remind the hapless fools that they do indeed mean something and man wouldn’t it be neat if they could figure out what that was while they sip from a trans awareness coffee cup from [BRAND] in a queer history class at the state-funded school which recently got a generous donation from a big bank whose CEO is gay or something. The constant commodification of identity is successful because those infected via its means had always been conditioned to accept any number of transactable identities to begin with. The most ingenious thing about this scheme — beyond the fact that all of its agents are legitimately sleeper cells who have no clue they are propagating it — is that it sold either literal or metaphorical castration to an entire sect of alienated youth via means of the dominant moral structure without breaking a sweat. In a liberal democracy, the oppressed is the oppressor. Simply declaring victim status allows one to summon disconcerting amounts of political power from a system which enshrines and legally encapsulates minority status, all the way down to power exchanges as mundane as socially-acceptable terminology. The irony of course, is that the people with the most surface-level power in the modern world are basically self-destructing and are doomed to inherit nothing.

If only those in the ghetto knew that their unbelievable growth was the result of the ever-increasing purity of a truly Progressive society. The absurd quantity of sudden LGBT folk that looked to have spawned from the ether do so without knowing that belonging to the larger demographic in a eugenics scheme is typically not the same as belonging to the winning demographic in a eugenics scheme. If the goal of eugenics is to cull or otherwise control a population along a certain path, the winning side is eventually going to look straight and narrow. A decently safe starting place to begin to narrow would be the folk who might have self-destructive tendencies so obvious that it would be kind of hard to feel bad for them when we watch them start to spiral in their own self-aggrandizing pity. Gleefully and with suicidal abandon, the members of civilization most predisposed to disaffection are unsurprisingly the primary targets of it. Modernity has chemically castrated an entire caste of mentally ill people with hormones and reassignment surgery, flooded the country with opioids obliterating young males who would otherwise be sent to die in some far-off war if this were a few generations ago, and convinced an entire generation of twenty-something women to either abort motherhood in the womb or abort it by means of being neck-deep in a breathless career for a soulless megacorp until their eggs rot through the crevice in between their legs – all of this entirely as an unintentional byproduct of its own functions. The people who got suckered into this are the first willing casualties of socialization eugenics. They didn’t see it for what it was, and that alone justified their failure to it. Millions of broken people at a time, peaceably barred from reproduction by mere nature of a lifelong conditioned manipulation scheme. 

I know all of this might be a lot to take in, but again consider the idea that I am not suggesting conscious conspiracy so much as I am suggesting that society has moved away from a Master-Slave relationship, and more into a Slave-System relationship. Baudrillard called it Hegemony. The agents begin working less against their common man in effort to rule and more simply in service of a system which rules them. If my suggestion is that the system works so well, why would those occupying the banks, schools and media be immune? I don’t think that they would. They are as much a product of the system as those they help it exploit, the sleeper cells of an incorporeal will. The only difference is that the eugenics squeeze hasn’t gotten to them yet. Speaking in these terms helps one understand why Nick Land can get into schizophrenic propheticals about capitalism being AI or some sort of runaway cascading feedback loop. To my recollection, he enjoys likening it all to the parasite from ‘The Thing’. We only ever see of it what it wants us to see of it. Each limb its own organism — self-interested, yet laboring for the same end — and perhaps any chance to see it as itself leaves us, as much as the Thing, wondering what it started out as to begin with, or which of its many limbs wasn’t the result of its continual assimilation of all life in ceaseless pursuit of genetic perfection but indeed something which had been there all along, buried beneath the foreign biomass which lies before its clueless victims.

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    Thanks for the Good Read.

  • Joe Timex

    Interesting thesis. I have also heard that declining fertility (through career orientation or gayness) might be symptomatic of ecological crisis. The planet is full and dying and broadcasting a message through the ether to cull the herd. One wrinkle is that not all peoples seem to be receiving that message at the same level of intensity.

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