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Whig History

  • Bandalong

  • February 15, 2020

Whig History and the Myth of Progress

Whig historiography kills braincells.

Western schools inculcate in people the notion that history is a story of progress toward Western Liberalism. 

Supposedly, History moves from ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt into Greece and Rome, up to northern Europe. We have the Magna Carta and the Protestant Reformation, History travels across the Atlantic, we get the US Constitution, women’s suffrage and Civil Rights Movement, and various Liberal reforms. Ultimately History ends in the spreading out of a Liberal American world culture.

Yet nothing could be further from the truth. 

Liberals reject the science of the life cycles of civilizations because it discredits Liberalism and all its hedonism as symptoms of the late stage of a civilization (ie. civilizational decline.)

Liberalism is something that affects a given civilization towards the winter stage of its existence. 

Presumably, no civilization has ever brought forth a form of Liberalism as extreme as the Western civilization, but it is part of a pattern. 

Liberalism is not the future, it is the end

Whig history does not acknowledge the cycles of rise and fall that provide real insights into the true nature of human societies. 

Spengler and pseudo-Darwinism

This is one of the main points in the writings of German historian Oswald Spengler.

He opens his book “The Decline of the West” by basically declaring that the perspective of popular historians, and their division of world history into a pseudo-Darwinistic “ancient-medieval-modern” evolutionary model is historically invalid, or – at best – only partially valid to the history of (specifically) the West.

It is a self-serving narrative that presents modern Western Liberalism as a goal to be reached, by all current human civilizations and cultures, and as an eternal endstate of history. 

It is a narrative taken for granted by almost every Western mind today. 

In other words, almost every Westerner today believes in a narrative that contains such delusional and radical conclusions as the notion that Saudi Arabia will one day become San Francisco.

“They’ll come around, just give them time,” is the sentiment. 

However, the West’s ability to spread Liberal ideas to the rest of the world will wane with the West itself. 

This is inevitable and no amount of Liberal tragic optimism can prevent the decline of the West. 

Too many civilizations have risen and fallen for us to not notice the patterns; the cycle of spring, summer, fall and winter has ran its course too many times for the Whig narrative of history to be taken seriously. 

“Taraza cleared her throat. “(…) Each of you, of course, received the identical liberal conditioning to prepare you for this.” There was something almost insulting in Taraza’s casual tone and only the habits of long association put down Odrade’s immediate resentment. It was partly that word “liberal,” she realized. Atreides ancestors rose up in rebellion at the word. It was as though her accumulated female memories lashed out at the unconscious assumptions and unexamined prejudices behind the concept. “Only liberals really think. Only liberals are intellectual. Only liberals understand the needs of their fellows.” How much viciousness lay concealed in that word! Odrade thought. How much secret ego demanding to feel superior.”

― Frank Herbert, Heretics of Dune 

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  • These writings are helping a lot these days, especially for someone in my condition.

    Thank you for not being overly edgy about any of this too. It’s all pretty frank, and the content has obvious parity with reality all around us.

    The funny part about Trump and Hillary and Bernie and all the rest of these politically radicalized people is that they remind me of the radical Nazi or Communist “late converts” who doubled down their fervor of destroying, well, anything the State deemed worthy of liquidation. Except now “It’s the liberals! Gut them!” or some equally retarded demand, and it goes nowhere except for into the algorithms of the multiple layer, mass marketing platforms that are self regulating and self aggregating as long as you make it shiny and addicting enough for humans; also known as social media platforms.

    All of these assholes are turning each other’s successes and failures into gambling bets, it feels like, and they’ve always got their chosen “enforces” to “enforce” their will to ensure that their “bet” against their enemies wins, particularly if they are political.

    The Republican poster child candidate for these types has always been the right winger nutjob white guy.

    Democrats, oddly enough, allowed their radicalized hive dweller archetype to simmer and blend and ferment a little longer; leaving a smooth aroma of grass-fed cow fertilizer, sun grown hops, brewed by a small co-op homebrew recipe IPA company. The IPA stinks up the place while it crusts together, stuck in the kombucha stained, groomed goatee of the barista with the AK47 that he can barely hold for any longer than five minutes with his noodle arms, in the event someone such as myself actually required something realistic like that during actual military style training.

    So great!

    One side is a bunch of Americans of one race, and the other side is just the rest of the people that can be jimmy rustled enough to give the corrupt Feds and other crooks in business suits in other realms of the West, to both burn the books.

    All while the rahowa, shtf, wrol, whatever someone wants to call it: rages on outside their windows.



    Instead, these late converts on both sides turned out to be caricatures of those extremists of olde, which makes it even more disgusting, but also hilarious during high water marks of stupidity.

    My inability to relate with any of these types of politically holographic people, leads me to believe that there is only so much human bandwidth I can give before I just STOP BELIEVING ALL POLITICAL PEOPLE OF ANY STRIPE COMPLETELY, TO EVEN TRUST THEM ENOUGH TO HANG OUT ON A FRIDAY NIGHT.

    They all want that “it” of control, and narcissistic supply, to be carried out on their behalf in the courts, through political persuasion and “bipartisan leadership.”

    They want that “it” to be

    With Democrats, it’s like watching a car crash. It’s like watching a car crash with Republicans, but just in slow motion instead. With every other type of political person, they were the ones in the car that was struck by one of the two big political groups in the American part of the West. With the libertarians, it’s their landship, and it sank, leaving nothing above the surface of the water except that fake license plate they slapped on their landship as a free traveler in their sovereign citizen convoy.

    No survivors.


    So these days for the most part, liberals, and conservatives so called, just wantonly commit blatant crime out in the open so much now, that the nice neighborhoods where I grew up are complete hell holes; full of liberal multiculturalism, lots of money, lots of influence along an extralegal line of culture that the police usually can’t touch when they’re this lazy or hamstringed, and Cancel Culture is very real.

    But they’re still With Her.

    And they still want you to think America is NOW going to be made and kept great.

    And they still want their shitty unpaved roads.

    I’d tell you to ask me how I know all this so I’m at least able to provide that “dreaded” evidence known as “anecdotal evidence,” but to rehash would just send me back into a Hell in my mind that I’d rather leave behind me for good.

    I digress.

    I always knew the historical narrative I was fed was wrong as a kid. This never was not a racial holy struggle among races and cultures, but for some reason each group now has this tendency to downplay that truth with Chilling Effect tactics.

    This shit is actually happening right now, in our lifetimes.

    I was a modern day Centurion. I fought in the desert war, in my own unique way. I see things coming from very far away, and most people don’t accept me into their homes anymore, even after I’ve been correct.

    Keep putting out this stuff. I enjoy it, especially in hard times like right now.

  • pb

    Hey a Dune quote. Bonus Kudos.

    Distributism (voluntary charity), subsidiarism (no more big gov), and Paraguayan reductions (I been reading Barren Metal, EMJ) look good enough for a second crack.

    Liberals whigs are woofters, don’t breed and won’t go the distance.

    I downloaded your Spengler on Kindle bot, lets see where that goes.

  • God Created Twitter to Train the Faithful.