God Created Twitter to Train the Faithful.

The Future of The Autistic Mercury

  • Warren

  • July 26, 2020

Dear reader,

It is with a heavy heart that I write what I am about to freestyle and not edit.

Over the course of many years, you brilliant writers, frogs, and TheoryCels alike have contributed to the egregore that is Autistic Mercury (AM). Brilliant content, short stories, philosophical inquiries, and reviews were put up almost daily over the course of the past year and a half. I thank and commend you all for your contributions, hard work, and dedication.

I’d like to first get into what I envisioned for AM. I always had this idea of a crossover between something like the Breitbart media machine and our niche Twitter sphere we so very much endear. With funding secured to hire a team of dedicated writers and editors, I was gung-ho on this project, and seeing it through. So, with contracts being voided and deals being broken that would eventually lead to AM in it’s current state, I was never able to assemble the team I so envisioned. Thus, I never really got to achieve my telos of what I had in mind for this project.

However, I persisted. I uploaded articles every day, and offered payments to each writer out of generosity, and my own pocket. This was not a bad thing. No. I loved having this project as my hobby, and eventually my life. AM began to encapsulate my entire being, my mind, body, and spirit, were infected with nothing but thoughts of articles, “who will write next?”, “will the next article be out on time?”

This was a parasite I fell in love with. Not only did I grow as a person from my experience with AM, but I know a lot of our dear readers and writers grew as well.

What Am I Getting At?

Essentially, AM eventually became nothing more than an egregorial glorified blog, and not the daily news site from niche Twitter authors that I had been hoping for.

The American Mind has since stepped in and done a fantastic job at doing what AM did, but more professionally, and I commend them for that. Though note, The American Mind had real funding, a real team, and real connections. I was a 22 year old doing this alone, and hell I’m proud because we damn near came close to having some sage articles that they do not. Regardless, this brings me to my point.

Since I never got to fulfill my mission with AM, and since The American Mind stepped in on what AM ended up becoming, except them doing a better job (pulling higher profile authors, thus, higher profile content), I’ve come to the realization that The Autistic Mercury should no longer be in service.

Instead, however, no void will be left filled voidedly. I have some ideas.

Warren Nokoshima’s Billion Dollar Plan

Well, I don’t have a plan… yet. Though I will tell you what I’m thinking of these days. And no, it won’t cost a billion dollars.

The Autistic Mercury will be rebranding under a new name, new identity, entirely new style. I still haven’t came up with a name, but that part is easy. Branding, logos, art, website, nope, don’t have any of that yet, and that, is much more difficult. Regardless you will see me prevail.

This is the brainstorming phase, friends. Let’s take it easy. You can’t herd cats. Working with these kinds of writers is tricky, no offense, and if you are one of these writers you should know this to be true. We’re a special breed.

However, it is this special breed that will take whatever site proceeds after AM under my control and turn it into what I always envisioned. A real news site, with daily updates on current media and current events, written by the special breed for the special breed. Okay, I’ll stop saying that, you’re not dogs and I know this.

It’s going to take a lot of organizing, web-building, networking, art gathering, and extreme dedication from our audience and writers to make what could be the next brilliant right-wing institution, one the world has never before seen. This will be no easy task. It will take a lot of time. Though, I want you to know, dear reader, that I will prevail. We will prevail. Like a phoenix, this site will rise up from the ashes and be reborn into a fiery cryptid of power and immense strength. Join us.

In the meantime, subscribe to our Patreon for premium podcast content with lolcows, tech CEOs, and entrepreneurs, this is TekWars 2.0.

If you’d like to help me on this endeavor, reach out on Twitter @autisticmercury or donate on our Donate page here on AM.

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