God Created Twitter to Train the Faithful.


  • Kantbot

  • February 25, 2017

The year is 20XX , all culture has been reduced down to a cocktail of mental viruses. Cinematic universes have declared war on our own. Dimwitted superheros and super soldiers invade our minds looking to conquer our hearts. The flag they mean to plant inside of us belongs to no nation, but to long-lived media brands that churn to the top of the scum bath that is the conglomerated intellectual property clearing houses we entrust our aesthetic education with.

That all this is ‘accidental’ is too much to swallow. No, this is all deliberate, all planned. There are forces at work that frighten. What is there to be done? This site is a front in a battle, a battle between powerful critico-psychics over what will constitute beauty tomorrow. Do you work for them? Our content is open, but only the true Children of Diotima will find themselves in possession of the key that unlocks the arsenal collected here. Pay close attention. Dissolve the critical insights here shared within your cosmic gut, let taste build up in your blood stream like antibodies. Enhance your capabilities. Join the struggle.

The Autistic Mercury is part review site, part ARG, part training program for the Content Fedaykin who will rescue the human soul from the clutches of the intellectual and aesthetic imperium who command the ideological bugmen that swarm our cities.

New reviews will be published daily. If you’d like to add your content to our own, or join our number, email inquiries to Warren Nokoshima.

Good luck.

God Created Twitter to Train the Faithful.