Author: Kantbot

Triple Frontier and the CIA/SEAL Master-Blaster Relationship

Since Trump’s election there has been an almost unprecedented amount of support shown to America’s ‘intelligence community,’ to the CIA, and the FBI, by the so-called anti-Trump ‘Resistance’. “Is Trump Trying to Bully America’s Intelligence Agencies?” one New Yorker columnist mused. “Trump’s Moves Against the Intelligence Agency Community are Hurting U.S. National Security,” another headline

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Velvet Buzzsaw Review – By Mason Masters

“In all judgements by which we describe anything as beautiful, we allow no one to be of another opinion.”  ― Immanuel Kant, Critique of Judgment The term ‘velvet buzzsaw’ implies something smooth to the touch but that will take your fingers off if you aren’t careful. It’s no surprise then that it is an euphemism for vagina. As

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Alien Contra Art

Ridley Scott enjoys a reputation as one of Hollywood’s last remaining auteurs. A man with a long career of iconic, and at times even, artistically innovative films behind him, Scott has succeeded in cementing himself in the public consciousness as a kind of second-rate, second-generation Stanley Kubrick. I say second-rate because glancing through his filmography

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