Children of the Grave

“In reality, what more agreeable entertainment to the mind, than to be transported into the remotest ages of the world, and to observe human society, in its infancy, making the first faint essays towards the arts and sciences: To see the policy of government, and the civility of conversation refining by degrees, and every thing […]

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Skeptics for Trump

In the immediate days following the inauguration, while widespread protests have broken out over most of the country, the thing the media appears most intent to focus on, is the question of whether or not the crowds who attended Trump’s ceremony were smaller than those that turned out for Obama. This was the primary topic […]

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In the course of endless discussions across the Twitter-verse we very often hear about something called ‘Modernity,’ and what this is I’m not exactly sure I know, but I have looked into the matter a bit, and will here report some of my results. More often than not, what I observe is people deploying the […]

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Coming Soon

One need only linger, to be taken by surprise, on those genius writers, who were but trolls in poets’ guise Chief among them Goethe who I highly praise for he was the great master of trolling in those days His verses were not written while no one was around the best of them were spoken […]

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On Neoreaction (Part I)

I began writing this today and got so far into it that I’m unable to resist publishing what I have so far. At the same time though I need to take a break for now, but I’ll attempt to finish this soon. I just wanted to put up what I have for now to build […]

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The State of Neoreactionary Culture

I recently had a conversation with SoapJackal: “Large corporations are like elephants full of intestinal parasites, very few folks actually do the work. I imagine that the reason, or at least one reason, for [cultural] jargon is to hide that truth.” This isn’t an uncommon opinion to hold, it permeates much our culture in many […]

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