Craig awoke to the shrill beeping of his alarm as he did every morning. He had grown used to its harsh tone over the years, almost growing fond of the routine it represented. He lay there for a few seconds, just letting it ring, still waking up, and realising that it meant he had to […]


Peter Thiel Against Consensus Reality

Mason Masters is a writer, reader and commentator from Australia. He has many thoughts and you can follow them on Twitter with his handle @masondemaistre “Count Tolstoy preached inaction. It seems he had no need. We “inact” remarkably. Idleness, just that idleness Tolstoy dreamed of a free conscious idling that despises labour, this is one […]

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The Cost of Being Different

[responsivevoice_button buttontext=”Play”] |Author: V | There is no such thing as affirmative identity.  What people try so hard to qualify as a static metric of unyielding personal uniqueness is in fact an incoherent amalgamation of disparate experiences, memories, beliefs, and conflicting emotions we often mistake for cultivated ideas.  It is not a categorized self-imposed label. […]

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Rambling “Analysis” of Neo-Reactionary Thought

There is, among the neoreactionary sphere, an odd tendency to personify, not simply inanimate objects, but specifically abstract concepts. The idea that things like theories, metaphysical forces, and ideas like capital, can all have motivations and other characteristics generally reserved for humans. This perhaps reflects the, often implicit, though sometimes explicit, transhumanist tendencies and aspirations […]

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