On the Altar of the Black Rifle: The NRA’s Failure

I am a gun rights absolutist. I mean that. There is nothing I qualify the position with. Obtain a weapon with which to wage war. That is your mandate. It is an unconditional mandate. This mandate became such in my mind via simple means. There is a very basic hypothetical one must indulge to determine the degree to which, if at all, he believes something. I like to call this the Apocalypse Diametric. It’s simple. One looks at the two sides of a given debate, and determines the fundamental insanity of each, and subsequently decides which is preferable. They both result in an apocalypse of a sort. In the case of the gun, it is no different. The most fundamental conclusion of the gun control side explains itself: guns are perfectly controlled. A single entity maintains exclusive access and use of all guns over all others. Extrapolate whatever conclusion you would like. The pro gun argument is everybody has access to a gun. Extrapolate whatever conclusion you would like. I will examine the logical insanity of each path as they appear to me.